Hello world!

Hi, I’m Michael Stevens, General Manager of PhotoLynx.  I help operate a software company mostly used by school photographers to match data, such as names and grade information, to images.  The matched data then can be used to create CD’s for the yearbook, composites, and picture packages.

I am going to use this space to keep a journal of what is going on with both me personally and with PhotoLynx as a company.    Right now I am out at SPAC and grown to be really excited about the new Fuji S5 SLR

Today at SPAC (School Photographers Association of California), I met with the guys from Fuji.  Particularly, Darren Pepple, who has been in the forefront of desigining the accessories for the upcoming Fuji S5 SLR.  Through a Nikon MC 35 GPS cable one can hook up a serial barcode scanner.  With the scanner, data can be input directly into the image Exif information.  This will associate a positive ID directly with the image.

Also, the camera will can be passworded, so that the settings can be locked, preventing them from being changed.  This is useful for larger studios, who have photographers who want to tinker with the camera and change it to other settings that may make it not function with the studio’s workflow.

What I thought was most impressive, is that, rather then trying to use the controls to pan in on a face within a photograph on the back LCD of the camera to check to see if it is in focus and exposed correctly, it will automatically recognize faces and center them in the frame.

Coordinates can be recorded into the Exif data, that can then be used for centering images and sizing heads in outside software.

PhotoLynx can already extract exif information from jpg images and relate it in quantity to images.  The Fuji S5 would be an aswesome tool for a school photographer to have in conjuction with PhotoLynx software for matching student data to images and outputting products & picture packages for schools.

In addition, in speaking with Darren from Fuji,  PhotoLynx will be able to get the necessary information from Fuji to enable it’s software to use the facial recognition data to center and headsize the images automatically as the images load into the software.

The Fuji S5 is due out for release mid February….  Stay tuned!


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  1. photolynxkat says:

    Michael stevens no longer works for PhotoLynx

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