Fuji S5 Tour

I just wrapped up the last date PhotoLynx had with Fuji.  We were traveling around the country at different locations of the last 5 or 6 weeks showing how well PhotoLynx software worked with the Fuji S5 meta-data.

The majority of the people in attendance weren’t volume photographers.  I don’t think that people understood what meta-data was and how writing a number into it could help them.  Additionally, people got hung up  on (or scared by) creating barcodes to work with the camera.  The people who understood it, got it.

It will be interesting to see if the Fuji S5 is the “next big thing” for school photographers.  It isn’t catching as much as I thought it would.   Everyone has different reasons for not flocking to it.  Any big school photographer would require purchasing many cameras.  They are very reasonably priced, but when multiplied by any sort of volume, it adds up quickly.  Others own lenses from other camera makes, while I think many are sitting on the sidelines waiting.

5 Responses to Fuji S5 Tour

  1. Don Goostrey says:

    I was not able to attend an event, wish I could have. I am not a large volume photographer however we are school photographers. I do not know what meta-data means and would like to. I do feel that additional knowledge about barcodes would be helpful to me and our studio. Where do I learn more without flying out to a convention. THANKS !

  2. It’s funny that you commented about this today. Many people at the seminars didn’t understand much about meta data or barcodes. This weekend, I am going to write up a guide to describe the complete workflow from “Before the shoot to Package Delivery” using the Fuji Pro S5 and PhotoLynx software. When it is completed and uploaded, I will put a link to it on this blog.

  3. I wrote something up to describe the workflow for the S5 and PhotoLynx software. But, it doesn’t really answer the questions about what is meta-data and how does a barcode work. It turned out to be more of an advertisement.

    But, I found something that I had kind of forgotten about that explains this better. http://www.photolynx.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=78

  4. Where do I find info on optimazing the sittings on the S5 for outdoor photos and indoor studio flash?

    Any guidence would nbe helpful.


  5. Hi Michael,

    Please ask Bob to describe what type of work he is doing and I probably can help a little more. (Portraits, weddings, scenic’s, products, etc.)

    One thing that I always tell everyone is that “it is all in the manual” and,,,,, nothing beats practical testing and printing the files to see what your lab produces from the capture files.

    Other tips in general: White Custom White Balance and DRNG of 400% you can not go wrong. Negative Simulation Modes of STD and Film 1a, 1b, or 1c are also good settings…. nothing beats seeing prints made from test
    files shot at the above settings as comparisons!


    Bruce Arnold
    Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael Stevens
    Subject: Re: [PhotoLynx – Keep up with PhotoLynx News] Comment: “Fuji S5

    Hi Bob,

    I’m forwarding your email onto a friend of mine over at Fuji. He will see that this gets to someone who can answer your question better then myself. I can help you with a tethered or barcode workflow, but Fuji could help you better with your particular questions.


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