Out Source Your Data Entry


 OK – so this is sort of a commercial, but I am writing about it because I feel that there is a need for this service.  I spoke to a small group of PhotoLynx users who thought that this was a good idea.
I met Blair from Tempo Solutions at SPAC this weekend.  Tempo Solutions has designed a Remote Data Entry solution specifically for labs and photographers that offer services to youth sports and school photographers.  The solution eliminates the need for labs, photographers and studios to perform data entry and dramatically decreases errors, increases productivity, provides a digital copy of the order envelope and saves you money!  Further, there is no software to buy or maintain.
Tempo Solutions’ fast, accurate and simple data collection alternative allows photographers and labs to focus on their core business functions; taking and processing high quality photographs while Tempo’s experts efficiently capture your business critical order information. 
How does it work?
Tempo’s Remote Data Entry solution utilizes a combination of technology and business process optimization to dramatically reduce time and costs associated with your current data entry process.  You scan the envelopes, we enter the data.  The paper never needs to leave your office.  After we extract the data from your scanned order forms, the data will be specifically formatted to meet your needs for easy import into PhotoLynx and most other photo management systems. Images of the scanned order envelopes can also be exported to a search and retrieval system for easy access and to help you improve customer service.
¨      Fixed low cost per form
¨      Improve accuracy
¨      No software to buy or maintain
¨      Guaranteed 48 hour turnaround time
¨      Reduce labor and associated order processing costs
¨      Plan for growth without adding overhead
¨      Increase your level of service to customers
¨      Maintain a digital copy of all order envelopes
For information please contact Blair Fraser at Tempo Solutions.
Blair Fraser


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