PMA was a BIG hit!

Just got home from the PMA last night. It was a long week, as the PhotoLynx gang arrived the weekend before PMA to speak at Walter’s Publishing about green screen and then attend PSPA and set up the booth for PMA. My speech on green screen last Tuesday, although generic, went over pretty well. I ended up with some extra time, so I concluded, before we broke for lunch, with about 15 minutes of information on the Fujifilm S5 camera and how it interfaced so well with ImageMatch. Darin Pepple from Fuji spoke about the camera itself after lunch.

On Wednesday, Christian and I set up the booth. This never goes as planned. We pay for someone to set up our booth and deliver the computers. All we should have to do is install our software and make sure everything is set up right. We get to the convention center and one of our booths are missing. This means the computer guys have nowhere to set the computers up. GES, who provides the labor to set things up at most trade shows, had instructions to do electrical for one booth, but not the other. When the electrician showed up to do one of the booths, we asked him about the other. Just like a typical union worker, he tells us that he can’t because he doesn’t have any paperwork to do so. We called GES and eventually a separate team come over. All they have to do is run an extension cord under the carpet, but it took two of them about 30 minutes to plan out how they were going to accomplish this. After they seemed to come to an agreement, they take their Thermoses and leave for a break. I just had to chuckle.

This year, the PMA pushed the dates back, because of Super Bowl weekend. This was a good thing, because it meant that the trade show didn’t go on until Sunday. PhotoLynx has a policy to not work on Sunday’s so we can spend time with our families. This also, meant that the school photographer’s meeting (PSPA) overlapped the trade show. Normally this doesn’t happen, one goes into the next. So Tawnya, Tim, Paul, and Mary Jean spent Tuesday over at PSPA while Christian and I set up the booth. Each morning they were at PSPA while Christian, Mary-Anne (from Christmas City Studios), and I went to the trade show. Mary-Anne was there to help demonstrate TrackLynx, one of our newer pieces of software used for reorders.All 7 of us from PhotoLynx stayed in a house we rented for the week.

Everyone took clients and prospects out to dinner. I had some meetings set up in the evenings, but both groups I was set up to meet with ended up making other arrangements and had to cancel. That was OK by me, as it gave me a chance to prepare for the next day and answer questions by email that came up during the day.

I never had a chance to really walk around the trade show. I’m fairly sure that it is mostly the same old stuff that I have seen before. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to walk around to see if there is anything new. One thing that I thought was really cool, was brought to my attention by my friend and client, Ron Rock from Rock Photography is the Zigview. The Zigview is a live monitor that attaches to the viewfinder your 35mm camera. While photographing school children, you can look at it like in the olden days of the Camerez Cameras. No more need for bending over to look directly through the viewfinder.

ZigView Image

The PhotoLynx booth was constantly over flowing with people. Hopefully nobody shied away because we were all to busy to help them. I got a lot of questions about PC Pro. It turns out that there is quite a following for this software and everyone that came by mostly only had cosmetic changes that they wanted to see.

This week I’ll be back at the office. It’s been raining all day, so it will make for an interesting drive. On my drive to and from Las Vegas, I listened to a book on tape by Steve Wozniac, the inventor of the Apple computer. I have more of the book to go, I’ll take the drive slow and careful, which will give me more time to listen to my book.


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