The Day PhotoLynx Freezes Over

I’m sitting here tonight at the PhotoLynx office, because I’M STUCK! For the first time in three years since I worked here, we received enough snow that my car could not make it through the hills to get out of here. To make matters worse, it’s Valentines Day…

We received around 6 inches of snow today. Our internet is provided to us by satellite. In order to keep getting your emails and send out activations, we had to go outside with a broom every hour or so and sweep the snow off of the satellite dish.

Snow Men

I built these snow people after work today. This was one of the first times in a while that I actually took some time to really enjoy myself.

Trish, Me, & Frosty

This is a picture of Trish & I standing next to “Frosty”.


2 Responses to The Day PhotoLynx Freezes Over

  1. kenzi keene says:

    wow! that is awesome! beautiful! i wish we would get that kind of snow here in tennessee!

  2. keith says:

    It’s California…its not suppose to snow so I think these pictures are fake..and even though they probably arent I think your probably to old to be playing in the snow. Now get back to work and remember to stop playing in the snow when you haven’t called your friends in forever…hahahah

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