Will Windows 7 Eclipse Vista?

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP…. Just taking a look at the name of each version of Windows, one can see that historically there has only been a 2-3 year span between each version. Yet, there was a 6 year gap between Windows XP and Vista. Maybe that is why so much was expected out of Vista, yet universally it seems to be a flop.

Tim & Tawnya are the only 2 people in the PhotoLynx office running Windows Vista on their work computers. In speaking with them yesterday, they both said they like Vista. I run Vista as a second operating system on my Macbook through bootcamp, so I have some experience with it myself, but I can’t say I like it so much. In fact, since I got my Macbook last November, I find myself using the Mac OS X on my personal time, much more then windows. Everything on a Mac just seems to run so quick and easily. I never have problems connecting to my wireless router, like I did even in Windows XP. I can even connect to my Windows Home Server easier through my Mac then through a tethered Windows computer.

‘Nuff about the Mac…. my real thought behind this post is that Windows 7, also dubbed as Vienna is in the works. In fact, I recently heard rumor that it’s release is being pushed up for release in 2009. I wonder if this is because Vista has so many mixed reviews… or is it because Microsoft is getting back on track with it’s 2-3 year OS release cycle?… or like with Vista, Micorosft is leaking rumors about the next OS, but we’ll have to wait for 6 years?

What we know for sure is that Windows XP is scheduled to no longer be available for sale in June of 2008. So, if you are using legacy hardware, such as a camera like the Nikon D1X or card printers, such as the Eltron P310, you better run out and buy your XP computers today. It appears that their will never be drivers for some of the older hardware for that will work on Windows Vista. Although, you’ll probably be able to pick up a copy of Windows XP for years to come on Ebay.

For Windows XP, Microsoft just rolled out Service Pack 3. This service pack is basically a roll up of service packs 1 & 2 and all of the updates and hotfixes released by since the release of SP2. For those using Vista, Microsoft is releasing the first service pack (SP1) this month.

All of these things are important to us at PhotoLynx, because they can effect how PhotoLynx runs on your computer. It has been more then once that Microsoft pushed out an update since I worked here that the effected how the software worked. I try to keep on top of these release so that we can remain ahead of the curve, to prevent problems before they come up.

For more information on Windows 7 or the Service Packs I mention here, click on the links in this entry, or drop me an email.


4 Responses to Will Windows 7 Eclipse Vista?

  1. Kris says:

    I’m currently looking to buy a new laptop and for the first time (i’m using Windows for almost 20 years now), i’m thinking of a Macbook (Pro). Should(!) Windows 7 be released sooner than we expect (let’s say end of 2009 or 2010), could i install it on my Macbook Pro (dual boot os/x and Windows 7)? Any idea?

  2. I’ve been a forever Windows user myself and I got my first Mac, a Macbook, right before Thanksgiving. It seems to run Windows better then a PC does. I’ve been told that it is because Apple really took the time to develop the drivers for the laptop to work right with Windows. Whereas most PCs are piece milled and the drivers are supported by the individual part manufacturers, the Apple drivers a distributed directly from Apple.

    However, even with that, I prefer to use Leopard on the Mac side. Not because the Macbook doesn’t run Windows well, but because Leopard just works, feels, and runs faster then Windows in general. I’m surprised at how many applications there are for Macs, and at least for now there isn’t the fear of viruses, like there is with Windows. (of course I work for a software company that offers no applications that run in Leopard)

    I don’t have any inside scoops, but I’m fairly confident that Apple will continue to support Windows on the Mac even when Windows 7 is released.

    A great book that helped me get my paradigm switched over to OS X from Windows is called “Switching to the Mac: The missing manual” by David Pogue. Good Luck. I am very happy with my Mac.

  3. John N says:

    So now that you know the awesomeness of the mac, will Photolynx ever play nicely with the mac?

  4. Windows 7 says:

    Windows 7 will come out in the first quarter of 2010. What I really like is the multi-touch support although that’s probably not a feature for the mass market yet.

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