FujiFilm S5 Volume Photographer Workflow

PhotoLynx®,Inc. software along with the FujiFilm Pro S5 camera and FujiFilm Aspen Barcode kit makes photographing and identifying your images quick and easy.  It is the perfect combination for anyone who photographs in volume, including school, sports, event, and product photographers.  It requires no computer on site. If you are looking for help setting up your camera with the barcode reader, click here for further instructions.

Prior to Photography Day:
Use ImageMatch™ by PhotoLynx®, Inc. to quickly and easily create your barcodes. ImageMatch™ offers a variety of barcode layouts including labels and camera cards.

Photography Day:
Distribute your barcodes on photography day to the subjects that you are photographing.  As they approach the camera, they will hand you their barcode.  Use the Barcode reader attached to the FujiFilm Pro S5 camera to read the barcode and then photograph your subject.  You may also enter packages in at the shoot by reading the subjects barcode and then a barcode created for the package.  The data from the barcodes will be written directly into the meta-data of your images and saved to the Compact Flash card in the camera.

After Photography:
Download the images from the compact flash card to your computer. To match your images back to the barcode data use ImageMatch™ by PhotoLynx®, Inc. to select your directories of images.  ImageMatch™ will match the meta-data from the images to the images automatically.
ImageMatch™ by PhotoLynx®, Inc. is a powerful program that will allow you to output your images and data to what ever format you may need.  ImageMatch™ can create yearbook & administrative CDs, classroom composites, and any other service you may need for the organizations you photograph.  ImageMatch™ can also output the packages entered either before or after photographer to any printer, including the Fujifilm Frontier.

PhotoLynx®, Inc. provides free training and technical support 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and some Saturdays during the school season.  Please call to get a free evaluation of ImageMatch™ by PhotoLynx®, Inc. 760-782-9000 or email Michael@PhotoLynx.com


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  1. I’ve done some fairly rigorous tests with B&W film (Delta 100), and I am amazed at how well my film scanner (Canonscan FS4000 US) handles an extreme negative density range, as you long as you configure the scanner software (I use VueScan) correctly. An alternative to working through the scanner software is to work on the raw file directly in Photoshop. Whatever you do, make sure your black point is 0.00 and your white point is 0.01 or less.


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