Drobo Storage Solution for Your Images

Continuing with the theme of managing your digital files. An alternative for Windows Home Server for you may be Drobo. Drobo doesn’t do everything that Windows Home Server will do for you, but it is an easy way to manage your storage. It starts at about $500.


This information is directly from Drobo’s website, but it explains it’s usefulness for storing and protecting your images really well:

-Drobo guards everything on it.
Drobo combines up to four hard drives into a big pool of protected storage. Start with two, grow to four, then upsize smaller drives-get Terabytes of protection.

-Drobo manages storage, so you don’t have to.
Just connect Drobo to your Mac or PC. No RAID levels. No management or configuration. Drobo does everything for you. Get rid of multiple external drives. Avoid the complexity of RAID. Attach a Drobo storage robot to your system and let it manage your storage so you don’t have to.

-Drobo upgrades capacity on-the-fly.
Add drives to Drobo at any time. Mix ‘n match capacities, brands or speeds. No downtime, data migration, or waiting to access new capacity. Drobo works the way you do.

-Drobo lets you “pay as you grow”
Hard drives get bigger and cheaper all the time. Don’t buy storage capacity until you need it. Buy capacity “just-in-time” possibly saving you hundreds of dollars.

-DroboShare it on your network
Connect your Drobo to a DroboShare and share your data over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). With DroboShare, everybody on your network can benefit from the storage capabilities of Drobo.


One Response to Drobo Storage Solution for Your Images

  1. Sam says:

    Drobo sounds super cool. I want one for the living room to keep all my movies. 🙂

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