Wanna Blog With Me?

Occasionally I run into or hear about stuff that I think is a really good idea and I just wanted a forum to “shout it from the mountain tops”. I know that there are some who just like to know what PhotoLynx, as a company, is up to. While others know our staff as friends and just want to keep up to date on a personal level. I want this blog to be all of that. I want it to be a community and resource for ideas.

I have found that an important factor of keeping people coming back is to keep the blog fresh with new ideas. Sometimes, I know it’s time to add something here to keep it fresh, but I have a mental block for new ideas. So, here is my invite to you…

If you have something you would like to share with the community, please write it up and email it to me. It can be anything, even a personal story based on an experience you had while working with a school. I personally find gizmos and gadgets to be a lot of fun. Whatever it is, I will see that it gets posted here to share with everyone. If I find it to be really useful, I’ll include it in the PhotoLynx Monthly News Letter that gets emailed to over 5,000 photographers with full credit to you, of course. To make it easy for you, here is my email address: Michael@PhotoLynx.com

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