All About Schools Part 2

After Lunch, Bob Dicaprio spoke about photographing seniors.  He presents the images to the clients using a large projector.  He doesn’t present with proofs right away.  But, he will print them color proofs through his color printer.    He concluded with Event photography.  He provides prints on site.  He uses PC Pro.  Events are like proms, he uses one light right behind the camera. He photographs many of them on green screen with an image of something from the local area.  He is able to get business by giving the businesses what they want.  He uses Kodak printers and Kodak cameras.  He purchased many of his printers on Ebay.  He charges a flat fee to cover the event to the corporation and prints as many images as is requested of him.


Why Schools? Calvin Harrell, Jr of ABC School portraits spoke about the process of his business.  His family name had been part of the business name for many years, but he finally took on ABC School Portraits because his name would be at the top of the list.  For 52 years ABC Harrell has continually adapted his business to todays world.  He said that he doesn’t fear technology, he may not know a lot it, but he hires people who do.  Although the economy has been changing, he hasn’t seen a cut in his revenue because he continues to grow his business.  He has a captive audience with the students from schools versus family or weddings.  He distilled myths about school photographer.  He admitted it’s easy to mess up schools.  School Photography is a REAL type of photography.  School photographers may not get awards and recognitions.  But, school photographers get REWARD$.  School photographers get weekends off, family time, and vacation time. 


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