Your Life – On Demand

Instant is nice.  I would be the first to admit that I like to getting instant results. But, everything is relative.  How often do you sit at your computer, impatient because it is taken a while to download a file?  But, what is the alternative?  Have it sent to you on CD through the U.S. postal service.  Even Fed-Ex takes over night.  So what is a few minutes, or even hours, when compared to the alternative?  Yet, it seems to take for ever.

Take an image into Photoshop.  You might spend 30 minutes fixing or retouching a photograph.  But, if you were doing the same thing in the darkroom, how many tries would it take before it turned out right?  How long did it take?  How much in materials did it cost?

Chimping provides instant feedback of the images you have taken with your digital camera.  You know instantly if you got the shot, not after the film gets processed.

Instant results has reached beyond computers.  When was the last time you watched something “on demand” from your cable provider or in a hotel room?  Apple TV allows you to rent and download movies right to your TV to be watched instantly.  No more trips to the video store.

Looking for a particular song?  When was the last time you went to a music store?  Go to Itunes or Amazon and you can have that song almost instantly.

Did you know you could download books right onto a book reader like the Amazon Kindle or  the Sony portable Ebook Reader?

When was the last time you looked at the phone book?  I just received two on more door step and they immediately went  into the recycle bin.

How long did it used to take to plan how to get some where?  Now Map quest provides instant results!

Have you mailed a letter to a friend lately? Why?… an email will get there within a few seconds.

Every Sunday, I used to pick up the L.A. Times for the calendar section.  I would look to see if any of my favorite bands where going to be nearby in concert.  Now, I just go to or TicketMaster to see where they are playing, plus I can find out all of the latest news.

I don’t even think about calling the movie theater to find out what time movies are playing.

Heck, at a push of a button, this whole article will be available for the world to read.

So next time you are waiting in front of the computer to download a file, or get frustrated because something is taking a long time to save, remember what the alternatives used to be.  It won’t be long before the things that now take a few minutes to do on a computer will only take a few seconds.

Now, I wonder when it will be that I can download a pizza for lunch?

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