News from WPPI Las Vegas

PhotoLynx takes Sundays off to spend time with their families.  So, I was not in attendance for any of the talks on Sunday.  I spent the weekend with my girlfriend, Sandy, seeing the sights of Las Vegas. Today was the first day of the trade show part of WPPI.  I didn’t have a chance to walk the floor to see what may be of interest, but I’ll make sure that I do so tomorrow and write about it tomorrow night.  PhotoLynx is in booth 837 at the trade show.

The good part of my morning was spent working with an existing customer to get data and images onto a Palm Pilot for PSIS.  PSIS is software that is can be put on a Palm or Windows Pocket device to make the images and data for of all the students at a particular school portable.  The principal or security can carry the device around and find an image, contact information, and schedule information for any student.Tim, Tawnya, Mary Jean, Paul Schulz, Brenna, and  Mary Ann all worked the booth today.

This show is different the PMA from our perspective, as most photographers attending are not school photographers.  Many want to learn about school photography, but they have  a way to go before they understand the school market.

Tonight Tim, Paul, Mary Jean, and myself went to dinner with our Canadian distributor, Technicare.   We had a nice dinner mostly talking about U.S. politics and upcoming updates to the software.


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