WPPI…It’s Over…

We are all packed up and ready to go home…..But earlier I walked the floor…

The WPPI trade show floor was mostly geared toward wedding photographers.  As I walked the floors, I tried to keep my eyes peeled for things that I thought would be interesting to the school photography segment of the business.

Throughout the floor, there were many labs.  In fact, a good percentage of the exhibitors are labs. Many of the PhotoLynx labs such as American Color Imaging, Bay Photo, Burrell Colour Imaging, CPQ Professinal Imaging, H&H Color Lab, and McKenna Professional Imaging.  For a complete list of PhotoLynx labs, please see the PhotoLynx website.

I found an interesting product to help take away from some of the abuse that school photographers do to there cameras.  It’s called Camera Armor.  It’s a rubberized jacket to help protect the camera body from usage wear.  It would also provide some protection if the camera was dropped.

HiTi Photo Realistic hard card printer.  Modwl CS-310/CS-320.  It can print either single sided or double sided plastic (PVC) ID cards, depending on the model.  It has 32 MB of built in memory, so it won’t bog down your computer while trying to print.  But what I thought was most interesting is that it works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and MAC!

For about $200, a company called croplines will place crop lines directly onto your focus screen.  You send them the camera ans they will put the screen in for you.  They offer many screens to select from. They can be set up with lines for the top of the head and bottom of the chin for more consistent head sizes.  The lines can also show 8×10 crops.

MicroSync has a Wireless strobe sync system.  What is unique about this system is it’s size.  It is far smaller then Pocket Wizard. The transmitter which slides into the hotshoe of your SLR seems less likely to snap off of your camera.  Also, they have modules that any on camera strobe can connect to for off camera operation.  They also offer a remote shutter release. You can focus the attention of your subjet away from the camera, as you are no longer required to be within reach of your camera to trigger it.  Additionally, they have many adaptors to convert the pripriortary PC cord connections built into many of the newer cameras to a standard PC connection.

Check out pccords.com for all different sorts of PC cords and other adaptors.

Hoodman offers a shade to make it easier to view the display on the back of your digital camera.

Oh and thanks McKenna for letting me borrow your booth to post my blog while you packed up. ;0)


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