I have learned that a great way to keep up with what is going on in photography and the computer industry is through Podcasts.  A Podcast is a digital media file distributed on through the Internet.  I listen to different personalities speak or discuss the latest technologies.  You can find them about any subject, including sewing, cooking, wood working, politics, religion, etc.  They can be from 5 minutes long to even a couple of hours long.  It’s like listening to a radio program on talk radio. The easiest way to find Podcasts that you may like is through iTunes.  It’s a free download from Apple and you don’t need an iPod to use it.

When I first heard about podcasting, I thought I needed an Ipod to listen to them.  I didn’t own an Ipod as I have a really cool Omnifi mp3 player installed in my car. It is a hard drive based mp3 player that has a head unit controller much like a regular car stereo.  It will synchronize each night with my computer wirelessly while my car is parked in the garage.  Whatever tunes I add to my computer automatically gets sent to my car.

I thought it would be really cool if I could upload Podcasts to my computer and have them synchronized to my car each night so I have something to listen to for my commute to and from work.  When I started checking into Podcasting, I was happy to learn that there were basically two types of Podcasts.  One type contains video, but the audio Podcasts is just an mp3.  Any mp3 player, or even your computer will play the audio version.  Some people prefer to call them “NetCasts” as not to confuse people into thinking that they need a Ipod to play them.  But, even the Zune, an mp3 player by Microsoft, calls them Podcasts on the Zune interface.


I can use free software such as Juice to automatically download the Podcasts I subscribe to as they are published to the Internet.  It does not cost me a thing to receive these Podcasts.  So now each morning, I wake up with a fresh set of Podcasts that have been downloaded automatically to my car over night.

Of course, Podcasts will work on an Ipod.  Most Podcasters make the video formatted for the Ipod, but it can be played on your computer or a device such as Apple TV as well.

Some of my favorite Poscasts are from Leo Laporte.  You can find his podcasts at twit.tv.  Most of his Podcats center around technology.  But, he has a couple, including Munchcast cast and Jumping Monkeys, that are not technology based.  My favorite programs of his are called TWIT and Windows Weekly.

There are other great PosCasts I recommend also:

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2 Responses to PodCasts

  1. tim says:

    Very good mike thanks!!!

  2. Joe C says:

    Lifetouch has not only the higest quality photography but also excellent customer service and they understand the picture business more than any other company in North America. They really are the best!

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