Even More Ways to Beat ….

This post has been removed at the request of a national picture company.


4 Responses to Even More Ways to Beat ….

  1. Don Power says:

    Now that’s some real tactical competitve intel you can use against ‘the company that will not be mentioned’ (HAHA!).

    Good work Michael – I’ve been circulating your posts around the office as we at Pelican Sofwtare have a vested interested in helping photographers, studios and labs compete against Lifetouch as well!

    Here’s another tip for your readers: I learned from a session at PMA08 that multi year school photography contracts from Lifetouch are not worth the paper they are written on because the signatory on the contract is probably not at the school or district administraor level. In other words, multi year contracts can be challenged for those who have the courage to go up against the big ‘L’!

    I’ll be sure and link to these posts when we launch our new blog this summer at http://www.pelicansoftware.com

    Keep up the good work!

    Don Power
    Sales Manager

  2. Where does a photographer get the collection envelopes preprinted

  3. Kenny King says:

    Great work Mike, really—-you are doing your homework on “The Big “L”” as it were…. But just so it’s not so much of an “Aha!” moment for some of your readers, Lifetouch is already hip to all of these strategies.

    1)Click-and-safe is a very complicated process it sounds, and 70% of parents won’t log on to a website to safeguard their children–it sounds brash, but it’s true—Lifetouch puts a card in their hand that speaks for itself from the NCMEC and protects their children without any further steps.

    2)As a Sales representative for Lifetouch, I know all of my administrators on a first name basis, what their families consist of, and have(as every photo provider should) a close working relationship with them—and on top of that, the best services in the industry!

    3)In my area, there’s no such thing as a contract; it’s my word, a handshake if you will—-it’s not Lifetouch they would ever consider leaving, it’s me. That’s way more powerful than a contract, hands down. Oh yeah, I bring donuts, chocolate, etc.—that’s right, it’s no secret.

    4)Lifetouch just filling a vacancy for photographers?? That’s just propaganda and ridiculous—Lifetouch photographers are thoroughly trained, tested, and qualified—-their hearts are in what they do—-and after all, they’re photographing head-and-shoulders portraits, not full on creative senior portraits.

    Lifetouch is for schools, by schools—and is 100% behind the schools it serves. Leave the ‘big boy’ work for the big boys—-local studios are for seniors, weddings, families, and passports. I’m not saying that because I work for them(ok maybe a little bit), but as a parent, and a person with a photographic eye–Lifetouch better serves the K-12 market, and provides better portraits with the best formulated system in the industry. Lifetouch has 70+ years to prove that.

    Yes, I am pretty competitive—and I guess it’s a little enthralling to find someone kicking the leader in the industry under the bus—–but I’ve seen, and hate to see people throw away time, money, hopes and dreams on providing what they think is best for schools—and it doesn’t happen. With all the money that schools don’t have, why should we make parents pay more for half the quality, and half the services?

    Again, Mike—it’s cool to see someone scramble to compete with Lifetouch, or any big company for that matter—–but as you’ve said in the above—it’s about relationships and value—-and that’s where our heart is at—as long as we have that philosophy, the few processing plants we have(about 12) that keep pumping out our work on a timely and cost effective basis—we’ll stay on top as the best partner for schools in North America. When you own a piece of the company like I do, you’ll fight for what you love.

    Kenny King
    Sales Manager

  4. Hey Kenny,

    Thanks for your feedback. I am sure that my readers will benefit from your clarifications based from your perspective. It sounds like the schools in your particular territory are being very well served by you. You seem like a fantastic person who really enjoys his job. Your schools are lucky to have you as a rep.

    Also, I stand corrected about the number of labs Lifetouch uses. However, I am always amazed by the number of independent labs I work with who get sent work by Lifetouch territories, because Lifetouch’s own labs could not deliver it back quickly enough. I know that these territories probably shouldn’t be doing this, but for some reason they do.

    I do want to clarify that a couple of things that I feel that you have incorrect. Click N Safe is very easy to use for the parent . ID type cards are an essential part of the program. PhotoLynx software makes it very easy for a photographer to create the cards and upload the images to the Click N Safe website.

    There is no scramble here to compete with Lifetouch. Most local photographers that I work with are already ahead of the curve with very innovative products.

    Michael Stevens
    General Manager
    PhotoLynx, Inc

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