Fuji S5 Rumors

I’ve been hearing rumors from some of our customers that the Fuji S5 camera is being discontinued.  I have consulted with the Sr. Marketing Manager Professional and Consumer Digital from Fuji and he told me that they have more than enough supply of the camera to satisfy demand for a long time yet.

My experience has been that Fuji has been great at supporting their equipment for a long time after it has been discontinued.  In my opinion, there is no reason to not purchase the camera, just because it may be discontinued in the near future.  It works great now, discontinued or not.  If the concern is needing replacement cameras in the future, buy extras now.  Fuji is making great deals on the camera.  Now is the time to buy.

As far as the barcode features, I have been told that they will continue to support the barcode features on other cameras, but I have no confirmation that there will ever be a S6.  It may be put into a more prosumer type camera.  Of course PhotoLynx will continue to support the Fuji S5.


One Response to Fuji S5 Rumors

  1. chip cm studio says:

    hi mike
    anymore news about fuji s5

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