Is Digital Photography Making for Better Photographers?

In the late 80’s the studio I worked for was one of the first companies to get a Kodak Prism system (Follow this link half way down the page).   The photographers using the system were able to see their work instantly.  The Kodak prism system captured the images on film and also digitally.  The digital version was for previewing the images only.  

After only a few weeks of using the system, I noticed that the photographers was improving their work by better lighting and posing very quickly.  Part of it, I am sure was that they got instant feedback and could learn and correct for their mistakes immediately.  The other part of it is that they had to face the client with their work as soon as the photo session was over.

Back then, I never dreamed of the day when photography would be 100% digital.  The best I could hope for is to get contact rolls or proofs back within a week to review most of the photographer’s work with them.

Over the last week or so, I have been visiting with a lot of studios and labs.  I noticed that the work I have seen at these locations seemed better then what I have seen in the past.  Additionally, I have been following the online adventures of an amateur photographer who had a chance to visit Tasmania.  His work looks really great.

From personal experience, I have been able to confirm that I got “that shot” rather it be a sporting event, a nature photo, or personal pictures of my family.  Digital photography has really changed the industry.  Not in just how we present and deliver images, but the quality of the images themselves.


One Response to Is Digital Photography Making for Better Photographers?

  1. You asked has digital made photography better, well for me it has.

    I am an event photographer, and use new software called Photo Parata developed by to show my photographs to customers shortly after they have been taken.

    There are not many paradigm shifts in photography, but Digital is one of them that has enabled me to go from taking pictures and then showing them days or weeks later, to being able to show them minutes after they are made using Photo Parata.

    Photo Parata is a great workflow software that anyone who has a basic knowledge or plugging in computers can make it so customers can quickly find and order pictures.

    The key is Order, and people will not buy what they can not see, and this has been the key to my success in the last year.

    Best regards
    Ed J Szalajeski

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