Digital Fun Packs

I’m looking for a digital fun pack software.  What I envision is some software that one can place a student image into and include it on a CD as part of the picture package .  The student or their parent can load the software on their computer and do fun little things with their images.  Some things that maybe they can do fun screen effects and morph themselves into things, create a calendar, bookmarks, coloring books, and other such stuff with their image.  Does anyone know of anything similar to this?

While I was surfing the web looking for this, I did run into a couple of interesting websites:
Crazy Talk – Animate your image – it’s really cool, it makes any still image computer animated!
Incrediface – Much like I was looking for.  Place your face on a dollar bill and many other fun things.
Maziaka – Create a Mosaic of an image out of a whole bunch of other images.

Also, while surfing, I found one of our customer’s blogs.  ABC School Portraits always has fun and fresh ideas for school photographers.  Check out their blog!


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