Organ & Tissue Donor Foundation

Yesterday I received a call from Scott Statz from the Organ & Tissue Donor Foundation. He called because they wanted a way to create donor cards for middle school and high school students to carry. They want to run programs at the schools to educate students about the philosophy and practice of organ and tissue donation. Students who choose to participate can have their parents sign a consent form which will allow them to be registered their state’s Organ & Tissue Donor program. Students who register will receive an Organ donor card.

Initially, the Card will be distributed to local Middle School, High School and College students. The Card will contain information about the holder’s choice for (or against) organ and tissue donation and any health issues that Emergency Medical Technicians may need to be made aware of. The Card will also contain information that EMT staff can use to contact the holders family. The Card will contain a photo but is not meant to be a substitute for a legal identification card. However, several institutions surveyed have expressed a desire to incorporate the card as the school’s official ID card.

This campaign will expand to include a helmet sticker and jogging bracelet. The sticker will contain similar information and will be targeted to individuals and organizations that participate in sports and recreational activities that require helmets. Several stickers will be provided along with a card. A jogging bracelet for men, women and kids will also be developed.

The database required to manage the printing of the cards and stickers has the capability to be integrated with any State Donor Registry – individual state registry policies, the subscribing institution’s policies and the Foundation’s Privacy Policy not withstanding.

This program originates from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. They create chapters of college students at universities across the country who volunteer their time for this cause. They have programs geared toward middle and high school aged children that are about a half hour long.

As a school photographer, you can add a value to your service by making this a part of your picture program. Along with your picture envelopes, you can include information and a donor consent form for the parents and teens to discuss and return at the time of photography. You could create a sticker or a logo to be placed on the student’s card if they choose to be a donor.

Currently Scott is working with the national donor registry to automate the process of registering donors online. Once this is set up, PhotoLynx will create an export formatted to be uploaded to their site. So students who choose to participate can be automatically registered.

For more information, consent forms, and official logos, please contact me or Scott. Scott’s email address is: . To find out more about the program visit the Organ & Tissue Foundation Website.

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