PhotoLynx 2008 Release is Ready!

Our 2008 release is ready!  You may download it from

IMPORTANT – Please read these instructions completely, before installing this update!

After the file is downloaded, you can verify that the download completed correctly, by right clicking on the file; it should read 94.9 MB.

Back up any important files!

You may transfer the 2008 update to another computer by copying it to a USB memory drive or CD ROM.  While installing the update if you receive a message requesting disk 2 or receive CRC file error, this means the file did not download correctly.  Please delete the file and download it again.  If you prefer to have a CD mailed to you, with a complete install, please respond to this email with your mailing address.

We suggest that you test this version on only one computer to insure that it does not interfere with your workflow.  We have tested this version through our beta test program.  But, it is impossible to test it in every workflow our customers use our software.  Therefore, if you feel something is not working properly, please report it to  By using this form to report any issues, it will insure that it is received and prioritized correctly.  If you need us to contact you, please include your name and phone number on the form.

This release includes version 2 of our green screen rendering software.  PhotoLynx allows for you to input background choices very quickly and easily.  Then automatically render out your images as picture packages with the selected background behind them.  It will also allow you to export the images for the yearbook with a single background for consistency.  Please download and read the version 2 green screen documentation.

Saturday May 10, 2008 – We will be hosting an online demonstration of PhotoLynx® Green Screen Version 2.  The seminar will begin at 8:00am Pacific Time.  The seminar will be about 45 minutes long.  All you need to participate in the seminar is a computer, online connection, and a telephone.  The seminar is broadcast to your computer through the internet.  To participate in the seminar, please register at www.PhotoLynx®.com/seminar.

Before calling with assistance for green screen, we recommend you read the documentation and attend the online seminar.

Additionally, with RipLynx, you may now export images for yearbooks, or administration CD’s on a centralized computer through your network.  This way you can send several exports into a que without tying up your ImageMatch computer.

The 2008 version of SIS (School Image Software) will be released by the beginning of June.

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