Online Operating System

It won’t be long before many computers won’t even need a hard drive. No more Windows or Mac OS X operating systems as we know it. Your operating system will be up in the clouds, not on your hard drive. You will boot your computer and it will instantly just sign onto the Internet. Your desktop will be saved on some server out in cyber space. All of your software programs will function just like they do now, but instead of being local to your PC, they will be launched from your online operating system. All of your files will be stored online. No more back ups or disk failures! You can log in from anywhere.

Microsoft is hard at work creating an online operating system that they are calling mesh. It is still very much in it’s infantcy, but it’s a start. While Google has applications available that are compatible with Microsoft’s office applications called Google Docs.

What if you want to work on your computer while traveling? By this summer, many airlines will be offering in flight wireless Internet! Depending on the airline, there are two ways the plane will connect with the Internet. SouthWest is going to connect through a satellite, while other airlines will use the on ground cell systems. It turns out that cell phone use doesn’t interfere with the instruments or the planes communications systems. Actually the crossing networks at the speed of a jet plane plays havoc on the cell phone network’s systems. Not to mention, it would be annoying if the person who is already too close squashed in the seat next to you, spent the whole flight on the phone with their elbow in your face.

Not in the office or at home? There are several solutions. Wifi is available just about any where now. Go into a McDonald’s or Starbucks for Wifi. Some communties are offering free Wifi at parks or in populated areas, sort of like TV or radio.

Another solution is through your cell phone carrier. Use a cell phone modem connected to your computer and get high speed internet just about anywhere you can get a cell phone signal.

A completely online system may seem far fetched, but I don’t think it is too far off.  You’ll have all the processing power you will ever need right their in the cloud,

2 Responses to Online Operating System

  1. kalivd says:

    Nice post buddy keep it going!! I ve being using these online office for while now i use which is a quasi Web operating system. This gives you the advantage of working upon a virtual computer; a machine that does does not require any software installation or downloads. Rather, the service is offered in the form of ‘software as a service’. The working screen will be like any computer working screen that you are used to. It is used for personal productivity. It is somewhat like Microsoft Office: but with one important distinction: it is is completely online.

    eDeskOnline – Free online operating system

  2. Prabal says:

    I have made an online operating system. In fact, my website was one, but there were security issues, like the submit a program area was spammed, and there was no data storage. I just hope that it will come soon, but until then, I made a download version which, however must have another Operating System as the base. Windows opens automatically, but mac and linux require you to press F11 to get you to the virtuality of an operating system. Please Note: On WIndows it requires Windows 98+, and IE6+. On Mac, it requires Firefox 2+ and IE Tab. On Linux it also requires Firefox 2+, and IE Tab.
    I’m trying to remove the spam from the version of the web, so that it will be one of the web operating systems.

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