Yearbooks Gone Wild

First it was a national school picture company stretching necks and altering images.  Now, two more yearbook fiascos are hitting the news:

Yearbook Rep Rips off his accounts!

Spell Checker Gone Wild!

Once again, ImageMatch would have saved the day with the it’s capital routine!  It can correctly capitalize and check your names for you.


Is offering your jpgs for sale a sell out?

Is it a sell out to offer a jpg as part of your picture package offerings?  In my opinion, it is a natural thing to do in today’s digital market and it can make you some extra money too.  In the age of digital music and movie files offering a digital image file is the right thing to do in today’s market.

For some, this might be a hard thing to swallow.  Who would have thought of offering the negatives for sale? I know some photographers did offer negatives for sale, but in general it was not considered a good practice. With a negative, it was difficult and costly to have an exact copy of the original if for some reason you needed to refer back to it.

Offering a digital file in addition to or instead of a picture package just makes sense.  Price the file at the same as your order average with no package.  Price it a little lower to include it with a package.  In the worse case scenerio, if everyone ordered the digital file instead of a package, you still wind up a head, you’ll have no lab costs.  Your average order would still be the same.  More likely, however, many will order a package and order the digital image as well.

With ImageMatch, you can easily export out only the images from packages that ordered the packages into their own individual folders named after the student’s name or other information.  This makes it extremely simple to burn a CD with just that individuals image on it.  By fall, we should have the ability to wite to volume CD burners, such as the Rimage.  This will automate burning the individual images to CDs with a label printed right on to the CD so it can easily be matched back to the package.