The Perfect Camera for School Image Software (SIS)!

I’ve been out on the road, pretty much for the last couple of months working with clients. I am at the end of a three week road trip where I was lucky enough to get home for the weekends. The client who I am seeing is out in Wisconsin. I cannot believe how beautiful it is out here. I want to just run away and live here!

While visiting this client, he showed me what he is using for capturing images into SIS. It gives excellent results and works seamlessly. It is by far a better solution the using a webcam. It is a little more expensive, but the quality is well worth the money. He is using software called InPhotoID. Click the link to learn more about it. It runs $250.00 for a version with facial recognition and $150.00 for the version without facial recognition. The version I saw had the facial recognition, so it pre-cropped the photo for you!

I saw the software paired with a Canon Powershot Sx100 IS. You may purchase the camera and software as a bundle for about $400 from:

Lawrence Grafstein
Advantidge, Inc.
310-531-8505 ext.107


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