Decrapification using the Decrapifier

Have you ever bought a new PC from HP, Sony, Dell, or Gateway? They come loaded with stuff like AOL, Norton, McAffee, Games, Wild Tangent, Vonage, and other trialware that the PC manufactures get paid to load onto your brand new computer. Sony has a deal that for $50.00 extra you can purchase a computer with no bloatware, or even better, why not buy an Apple?

Here’s an easy way to get rid of all of that extra software taking up valuable disk space and system resources. Download PC Decrapifier from It’s free! It still takes a little while why the Decrapifier does it stuff, but it’s faster then removing the programs one by one.


2 Responses to Decrapification using the Decrapifier

  1. Jay says:

    Well, one argument against the Apple solution is that PhotoLynx won’t run on OSX…

    Or will it now that Intel chips are the standard in Cupertino?

  2. Michael Stevens says:

    You are right about OSX, PhotoLynx will not run in OSX.

    However, through bootcamp on a Mac, you can install Windows. It runs very well using Windows on a Mac. In fact, my experience is Windows works better on a Mac then on an actual PC, because Apple has control of all of it’s hardware. Therefore, they build great Windows drivers.


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