Package Contents Sheet

Now that the busy School Portrait season is upon us, I am going to write about “hidden” features within the PhotoLynx software. I will post a new tip a couple of times a week for the next few weeks.

Today, I’m going to show you a new feature added to RipLynx, it allows you to include 1 sheet, such as a package contents sheet, per order. It will print out only one sheet per record, even if they have multiple orders.

Package Content Sheet

Package Content Sheet

Software required to produce this sheet:

Using this release or newer.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Design your sheet using ProServices
To get the contents of your packages to appear on your sheet:
While in the template Builder add a Text block. In the Static Text Box place %Package Breakdown%
If you preview your sheet in ProServices, with the %Package Breakdown% inserted as shown, you will get an error, there is no cause for alarm as it will rip out fine.

Screen Shot 1

Insert %Package Breakdown% Into the Static Field

The resulting text shown in the final result will be driven by the package contents of that subject. The name of each of the package contents come from the pud.

In RipLynx, goto file->Preferences.
On the Systems tab below Print Features, Click on the plus button, select the service(s) you would like to output with each record who ordered a package.

Selecting the service in RipLynx

Selecting the service in RipLynx

Now for the test. Open a job in ImageMatch, make sure at least one record has a package entered for it. Send a test over to RipLynx. It will print out your new sheet as the first unit and the remainder of the package afterward.

Not only is it a valuable piece for the parents to verify the contents of their packages, but it will be great for your packagers to use to verify the contents of their packages.


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