Sequence Records – New and Improved

Sequence records aligns the subject data to the subject’s images after the shoot.  This way you can photograph directly to a compact flash card, in any camera.

The advantage to this:

  • No computer on site.

The disadvantages:

  • Adds time to getting the job ready after the shoot
  • If there are any questions about a name, etc it’s more difficult to figure it out after the fact.

We recently improved the Sequence Records feature, so make sure you have the most current version.

Before the shoot, get data from the school and create barcodes, this can be done through ImageMatch.  During the shoot, the barcodes will be distributed to the subjects you are photographing.  They will hand them to the photographer during the shoot and they will get stacked in the order the subjects get photographed.

Sequence Records has been updated to show you the student picture as you sequence and optimized for faster sequencing. The new screen can be confusing at first, use the steps below to get started.

  • Import your data, and select Image Directories if you’d like to see the images as you sequence data.
  • Open the Sequence Records Screen using CTRL+Q or Data > Sequence Records
  • Go to Edit > Preferences to select how the screen will be displayed.

  • Set the Search Field to the field containing the information you will use to look up the student data (such as Record Number or Last Name)
  • Click OK
  • You now have the ability to see the image that is next to be sequenced and the image that was just sequenced by going to Edit >Preview Images

  • Go to Edit > Require Double Enter if you will need to add packages or edit data as you sequence when using a bar code reader.
  • Click into the Search field, type, scan or use the dropdown to select the record to be sequenced.

  • To add a new data record, press F5 or click the Add button.
  • To change information in a data record, press F6 or click the Edit Record button.
  • To enter a package order, press F7 or click the Package Entry button.
  • To create a Slate record Click Add Record F5 then Insert Slate F8
  • To Create duplicate records for multiple images (proof job) Select the record by searching in the search field the hit Add Duplicate or F9
  • To place the current record in sequence, press Enter or click the Insert button.
  • To close Sequence Records, Press CTRL+X or click the close button.

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