No Fuji S6? S5 Discontinued?

I can’t get a straight answer from my friends at Fuji if a Fujifilm S6 will ever come about.  My guess is that there will be no Fuji S6.  There are several things that lead me to believe this.  The first of which is that I can’t get any confirmation from Fuji.  Also, a fairly recent reorganization of the Fuji USA job titles and departments would indicate they are no longer supporting a ‘professional’ line of camera hardware.

Fuji USA, isn’t the same as Fuji, Japan.  Fuji, USA is really just a distributor of the product.  They tell Japan of their wishes and hope that they agree to produce something.  I know that the Fuji S5 didn’t take off like Fuji thought it would, but sometimes these things take a little time.   It has only been about 2 years since they announced the Fuji S5 and they are already out of stock at many stores.  Calumet and many medium sized stores show that it had been discontiued and no longer have any in stock.

This is too bad as the barcode feature made it a great camera for school photographers.  I heard rumors that Canon was testing barcoding features in one of their cameras.  Also, the barcode feature in the Fuji S5 was kind of a ‘hack’ in the firmware.  Originally the barcode reader port in the body adapted from Nikon by Fuji was designed for gps.  Fuji added the capabilities through camera firmware to accomedate the barcode reader.  Perhaps some third part company will make a firmware hack for Nikon’s gps inputs that will do the same thing.

For the record, everything in this post is completely speculation based on rumors and conversations with people within the industry.  I’ll keep you posted if I receive any facts either way.


One Response to No Fuji S6? S5 Discontinued?

  1. Dave Luttmann says:

    It didn’t take off because every other DSLR had moved to 10mp sensor and up. The 6mp simply wasn’t sufficient for high quality enlargements for weddings and portraiture. Had the S5 been a 10mp sensor of the ame design, it would have been a contendor.

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