Primera CD Burner

Primera CD Burner Instructions

This document assumes you have a good working knowledge of ProServices, ImageMatch, and RipLynx. It also assumes you own a Primera Bravo II CD Burner and have a good working knowledge of the how to operate the device.  For any questions involving the Primera Robotic printers please call Primera direct at 763-475-6669.

This workflow is for automating creation of CDs to include individual’s image(s) and a model release. Such as when you sell an image CD included with your picture packages.

Uninstall any software that you have already installed for your Primera CD Burner.

Download and install the PT Burner Software.

Upon reboot, the PT Server will create a directory called ‘PTBurnJobs’ onto your c:\drive.

If you have any difficulties with the PT Burner Software call Primera direct at 763-475-6669, PhotoLynx can not support this.

The root of the c drive must be shared.   To share your c drive, please reference below for your operating system:


Currently, we have no other solution other than to share the ‘c’ drive.  If this is a concern, we suggest dedicating a computer that you are not concerned about access to the drive from the network for this.

In ImageMatch:

  • File->Preferences->Default Folders –>PT Burner Hot Folder = C:\PTBurnJobs
  • In ProServices, create the label you wish to print on the top of your CD. Go to the process tab of your service and click on “CD Label” at the bottom of that tab.
  • If you want to include a model release, design your release in ProServices.
  • Add the label service and model release service as packages in the pud.
  • Build a package that includes the label, model release, and an 8×10 image.
  • Assign your package to all records in your job you wish to burn to a CD.
  • In ImageMatch->Export-Lab Export->Field Separated Export.  Set your fields to group by, usually this would be record number or last name & first name. Select send to PT Burner.

Field Serparated Export

If you have multiple images of a subject that you wish to include on the subjects CD:

  • Build a package that includes just an 8×10 image.
  • Assign the package that includes the label and model release to the image you wish to “showcase” on the label of your CD. Assign the package that includes just the 8×10 to all other images on the job.

The export will send an xml file to RipLynx.

Open RipLynx and it will render the images and the needed Job Request Files (.jrq) to the PTBurnJobs directory.

The Job Request File specifies the image data to burn, the label to print, and the number of copies to create. The PTBurn service scans this Job Request Folder for new jobs submitted by any client application and creates the discs automatically on the Disc Publisher.

The PTBurn Windows Service works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. Client machines can run any operating system that is able to read and write into a Windows shared folder.

If you are interested in purchasing a Primera CD burner, we are recommend you purchase it from Stan McCrosky at Master Recording Supply at  949-500-7762.   Stan is an authorized Primera reseller that has an impeccable history with Primera.


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  1. PhotoLynx says:

    So here are the supported PT Burners for the automated workflow:
    Bravo SE, II, Pro, Xi, XR, and XRP

    Kat McClanahan
    Lead Tech Support
    Photolynx, Inc.

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