The Future of the Fujifilm S5 Camera

I asked Fuji’s marketing manager about the future of the Fujifilm S5 camera as I have been a big proponet of it based on the barcode capabilities.  Here is his response:

“I wish there was an easy answer.  Truth is Fuji Japan is not telling me
anything other than to focus on the newly announced Super CCD EXR.  Any
camera announced from this point on would be built on this new
technology and it would first be built into a consumer level camera
before any professional or commercial level camera is built.

I know that I have enough S5 Pro to last awhile, and the new price will
be $899 (street) starting November 1st.  Economy and a slow down in
studio sales forced Fuji to lower the price and get more lift at retail
vs. Nikon D90 and D200.  Were likely to be selling S5 for awhile.  Probably through the end of spring 2009 or possibly summer 2009.”


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