Where to Purchase the Fuji S5 & a Little S5 News

My guess is that Fuji will do like the did with the S20.  They will sell a camera that is like their current Fujifilm Finepix S100FS, but designed with barcode reading capabilities to the school photography market.

From my friend at Fuji:

“Many dealers for some reason have moved on since the D700 came out… B&H is the biggest and we make biweekly shipments to them.  We have stock (on the FujifilmS5 Pro) and can ship and will for awhile, but we do keep our USA stocks low and order from Japan only as needed.  But as you found out people still want it for the barcode reasons, and so we will continue to provide as long as we can, at least until this summer.

We have been studying a new concept as replacement for BCR for the last 12 months, but we are not ready.  It will likely be a lower cost custom solution, and not a DSLR system. That should be a better solution given the price sensitivity of this particular market.  If I know anything final, it would likely be later this year.”


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