Think Big – Be Small! – Part 2 – David vs Goliath

You’re not sure about what photography studio may already be servicing a school. Or, better yet, your feeling confident that you have the tools to specifically out bid the competitor in your area. Here is a website that you can some of the schools being photographed in your area! Select your state and then enter a city and the list will pop up on right from their website. You can even click on a school and see what date they will be there taking pictures. Learn about the different styles of photography, picture prices, and other things being offered on picture day. You may want to stop in to see how the photographers are doing things that day!

Pricing will very depending on school. But, a good way to get a hold of the price list is to stop by the school before or on photography day and pick one up. The local branch phone number gets listed on the website when you select a school. Call that office and ask them to mail you a price list. If they ask what school you go to, you have the list right there. More than likely, they will assume you are a parent and just mail you one.

Simple Photo, along with PhotoLynx has a program called ClickandSafe. Click-and-Safe enables a partnership between parents, the school photographer, and law enforcement officials to help secure kids. Parents simply use the same private online password they use for photo purchasing as a key to quickly getting a photo of their child in the hands of law enforcement officials if needed in an emergency.

Even with all the bells and whistles remember as a smaller studio you have the advantage:

  • You have a personal relationship with everyone, right down to the custodian at the school. You can have pre-printed cards or labels to allow the students to be photographed quickly. All of this allows you to have a hassle-free and organized portrait day.
  • Through software like PhotoLynx, you have accurate accountability of the names and images. You can produce products such as ID cards and CDs right on the spot! The school will not have to wait on delivery for their digital images for their school administrative software. You could deliver it right after your shoot.
  • You are providing your own personal photography, with a close net group of a few well trained photographers instead of those hired just to fill the vacancy.

Don’t just follow or duplicate what others offer. Be an innovator. Offer special services or products that only your studio can provide. Maybe have a large display where the kids can see their own images as they are taken. Bring donuts on photography day for the teachers. Offer multiple backgrounds, or more creative photography. Add that special touch that only a local photographer can provide.


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