PhotoLynx Users Group Was Hugely Successful!

We started our user’s group meeting with a deep sea fishing trip on Wednesday.  I wasn’t able to be there because I was traveling home from Jacksonville, but by the pictures I saw and what everyone who went fishing said, it was a great time.  Word of the fishing trip even got around those who didn’t even attend our User’s group meeting at SPAC.

Thursday and Friday we had standing room only in the room we reserved at the Island Palms Resort near San Diego.  Thursday Christian & I went over all of the new features put in the software over the last year.  Friday, Joy & Pat Cahill from Cahill Studios spoke about their experiences using green screen this year.  Ralph Romaguera Sr spoke about recovering his business from Hurricane Katrina.  He analogized the hardships brought on by Katrina and today’s poor economy and what to do to get through it.

The middle part of the day was conducted by Paul Schulz.  First he placed everyone in groups for a business Idea Exchange, he called “Trigger Points” – Working together in small groups everyone generated many great ideas that they can use to grow and prosper in 2009.  Business & marketing tips, new product ideas,  production shortcuts are just some of the areas that were discussed.  These ideas are being compiled and will be emailed shortly to all of those in attendance.

The last part of the day was used for round tables.  There were 5 topics, each assigned to tables in the room.  Everyone choose the topic they were interested in and sat down with the PhotoLynx crew to discuss those topics.  I personally worked with those interested in converting from School Days+ to CamLynx or ImageMatch.  The other topics included Green Screen headed by Joy Cahill, Composites headed by Tawnya, SIS headed by Kat Smith, and business headed by Ralph Romaguera Sr.

A more comprehensive set of notes from the meeting along with a list of the new features and how to use them will be added in an upcoming post later this week.


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