SPAC – School Photographers Association of California

I don’t know the exact numbers for the attendance at SPAC this year, but it wasn’t many more then attended our User’s group meeting.  Many of those at SPAC were from those at the User’s group meeting.

Being a vendor, I didn’t attend many of the sessions at SPAC.  I stayed after our Users group meeting to meet with a potential client.  Then I gave Blake Bullard from Richmond Camera a ride from the hotel were we hosted our User’s group over to SPAC.  I really enjoyed my time with Blake.  He was very inquisitive about the local sites.  Unfortunately I grew up in the Inland Empire and I don’t know too much about San Diego.

The one session I did attend was on Saturday afternoon.  It was about Green Screen.  It started out with Gary Kranz showing how he shoots his green screen images and brings them into PhotoLynx Software for output in his lab.  Gary puts about 1/2 million images through the PhotoLynx Green Screen Process.

Afterward, Paul Schulz from PhotoLynx, Mark Renken from TimeStone, and David Francis from 36 Pix each presented the advantages to using their products for school photography green screen.  After each person had about 10 minutes to present their product, the room was opened to an open discussion.  There was about 10 questions asked, primarily about green screen workflows.  Although, everyone on the panel who spoke were competition, they were very cordial and complimentary to each other.  Everyone agreed that good photography and correct lighting is the key to making green screen work well.

The remainder of SPAC on Saturday was for the trade show.  There were about 15-20 vendors there, including PhotoLynx, Timestone, 36 Pix, Marathon Press, Cash Flow, CDF, ACI, PictureMaster, JD Color, and other labs.

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