Price of PhotoLynx Software

I enjoy monitoring the search words that lead people to blog.  One that comes up often is “Price of PhotoLynx Software”.  The prices are not posted on the website on purpose.  We build solutions custom to every business, so based on the businesses needs we quote prices.

The unique thing about our pricing model is that the pricing includes support, consulting, and upgrades as they come out.  We charge annually for use of the software.  This guarantees we will stay in business and be there to continue to earn your business.   Every year, we typically introduce major new features into the software.  For example, last year we did a huge update to our green screen capabilities.  We are continuously adding in support for a lot of behind the scene things like Photo printers, such as the KISS DKS and Kodak’s DP2 software.  We strive to keep up with the industry trends, such as multiple crop proofing, composites, and memory mates.

The book pricing is no secret, we give it out at trade shows.
Our Ala Carte Pricing goes like this:

CamLynx – $510
ImageMatch Unlimited – $2060
ProServices – $1030
ProComposites – $1030
RipLynx – $515
Mr. Gray – $140 – One Time

School Days+ Pricing
Capture – $1000
Management – $1400
Render – $500

PDI Pricing
PC Pro $1800 – One Time
PC Event $1200 – One Time

However, keep in mind, we build a solution based on your needs. For instance, for 2 copies of CamLynx, the price goes down by a $100 for each copy for a total of a $200.00 per year savings.  So the best thing to do is to give us a call at 760-782-9000 or drop me an email at  You will always reach a friendly PhotoLynx employee who is here to help you.  We will discuss the needs of your bussiness and help you undertand what software you will need.  You may download a free trial of the software here.


4 Responses to Price of PhotoLynx Software

  1. Rita Baumann says:

    Here is food for thought: Your customers want to stay in business too. Part of that is budgeting. We budget our money and our time. I do not want to waste time on the phone or in a meeting with a salesguy trying to upsell me softeare. That may or may not be the case here, but when people do not post prices, and tell you you have to call, honestly these days I cringe. My phone is for my clients to call me – not for the constant barage of salesman “upselling” me. So, this is why we search the web for prices. Then we know, and we didn’t have to waste time talking to a salesman to find out.

    • That’s a fair comment, that’s part of why the prices are quoted here in the blog.

      I’m sincere when I say the best thing to do is to speak with a person from our company when purchasing software. We often talk people down into something we know they can use or point them in a direction to get the software for free or at a reduced cost from a lab. We want to keep your business and part of that is making sure you feel like you aren’t wasting your money.

      In every case, except maybe pre-pay underclass, don’t you feel it is better that you meet one on one with you customers to show them their proofs and help them select the best picture package for their needs? Even with pre-pay, doesn’t your price list help guide them to the ‘best value’?

  2. John Kelly says:

    I have been using express digital for many years since the start of digital. I truly feel like my company has developed this software while we still paid for support. I would like to hear from other school photographers that have changed to Photolynx that were previously with Express Digital. I need to find a software and company that knows what there doing.
    Any help would be appreciated .

  3. Ron Smith says:

    I’m looking for pricing on AHS but can’t seem to find any info. I meant to ask when chatting online about flow questions but forgot.

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