Nikon Capturing Software

While adpapting an article for our new PhotoLynx brochure, I did a quick Goolgle search for Nikon Tethering Software and was please to immediately find some FREE solutions.  This means you may not need to purchase Nikon Capture Control Pro which costs about $100.00.  I have not tested any of the Nikon software, so please don’t call or email for support.  I’m just throwing them out there.  If you need support or have any questions, contact the software authors.  Their contact information and download links are provided in the links below:


Donation Requested (Looks like it’s for Mac!):

Nikon Tethering solution for 1/2 price $50.00:

Nikon Capture Control Pro from Nikon $99.00 (30 Day Free Trial):

While I’m at it, let me suggest a Canon alternative, I highly recommend and will support:

And lastly a free Fuji S5 tether software alternative:


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