Here I am to save the day!

Ok, so I won’t really be saving the day like Mighty Mouse, but I am hoping to bring something new to the Photolynx Blog that may just save someone’s work day out there by providing up to date tech support and procedural information in a very comprehensive, searchable format.

But first, lets talk about me!  The past year of working with Photolynx, Inc. has been quite an adventure in crash-course learning for me. When I heard that the company was looking for someone who is a “quick study,” I had no idea just how quick I would need to be in order to keep from drowning in all the new technical knowledge I was about to gain. As we entered my first “season” with the company and customers would call who were on site, and the entire office staff was already helping customers, I figured, well, its time to sink or swim, and I dove in headfirst with my eyes wide open!

By mid-season, I started feeling like a dazed deer in the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck, with cinder block walls on either side of the road. I knew I had to sprout wings or become virtual road-kill. I found myself listening in on the difficult tech calls that I had passed on to others, following along with the instructions being given to the customer. I read every piece of documentation I could get my hands on that had already been written up by PL staff members, and started writing up simple procedures to email to customers when they called. The processes were beginning to gel and the software was starting to make sense to me.

Then the rules changed. We launched our new Green Screen Version 2 module and I suddenly went from helping people learn the software and solving simple problems to trying to figure out why some people could no longer print, or why they were running out of memory, or why Pro Services or Riplynx were giving new errors when using Green Screen. I had to switch from basic technical support, to intense problem solving and delving into the intricacies of how our software has been engineered. There were days I went home wondering what I had gotten myself into, but knew I was in a position that challenged every bit of my knowledge, imagination and patience that would result in greater opportunities for me if I could only make it … one … more … day!!

I made it! I have learned to love the dynamic technology that is Photolynx Software Products all the way from Mr. Gray up to Tracklynx and everything in between. So here I am, setting myself up to provide a more efficient way of supporting our customers using one of the latest methods of communicating: Blogging! My goals of contributing to the Photolynx blog are:

  • Write up and post procedures & “how-to’s”
  • Post newly found tips and short-cuts
  • Share work-arounds and fixes for common errors

My posts here will work to complement Michael’s posts and the information he shares regarding the industry, software development news, procedural information, and other tips and tricks of the trade.

Also, if you have any creative suggestions that you’d like to share, or if you’ve discovered how to make something complicated more streamlined, or you have an idea and want to know how to make it happen, send those to me at and I will see what I can do about finding the answers or sharing your ideas in a weekly customer idea exchange segment.


One Response to Here I am to save the day!

  1. Jim Giunta says:

    I wouldn’t have used the Mighty Mouse reference; it dates you, and you don’t look that old. Me on the other hand…

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