I saw Ralph Romaguera present Animoto as his way of producing great quality videos to promote his studio using still images at our User’s Group Meeting. Here is my first attempt at it. This one goes out to my fiancée Sandy….

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I think this makes a great promotional tool for school administrators.  It is the perfect motivational video for presenting to senior class representatives.  Also, I think it would make a great product even to sell along with a picture package.

You can receive a $5.00 per year discount by using code: oqghaxyp


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  1. My friend and client, Calvin Harrell, from ABC School Portraits in Benicia, CA sent me this email about this post and other items in the blog. It has a lot of great information in it, so I thought it would be nice to share it.

    Do you think my girl would love me more if I made a animoto video for the two of us? How long do you think 24 years of pics would take?
    It is so very cool and can be embedded into a site.
    Alen showed this to me last week and we are sold. Some ideas we discussed were sports event video etc. Senior portraits for us would be a bit boring. 10 shots and out is our rule.

    So do I have to be a friend on facbook to get one of the prized wedding invitations?

    I looked at the contract sample that was posted and found a very valuable piece in the statement that the school is responsible for omissions etc. We will be adding that immediately.

    One thing I noted in the contract is that there is no price for any item being sold. No package s or prices for said packages listed. Te agreement is invalidated at any time for this reason. I have actually made a presentation after a contract was signed by a competitor and shared with the administrator that a contract for services without a price for a product especially in a public school exposes the school/students to an unknown cost.

    Our contracts include 1 – 3 packages with a price. We also state that “These basic packages will be offered to the students. Other packages may be offered to accommodate all families needs. The prices shown are net prices and applicable sales tax, service fees, and rebates may be applied if appropriate”.

    When asked about the other packages, I will show them the other packages with the explanation that “our concern is that we have pricing that most of the families can afford and as you can see here on our agreement we have listed very affordable packages options.” That usually ends the price discussion and they are returned to the benefits of our service.

    By doing this we do not lock ourselves into anything specific but the packages shown on the contract and if we introduce a new package or program we can add it at any time.

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