SIS Support

Some of our most common calls this time of year relate to support for School Image Software (SIS). My goal with this post is to help you help your schools by providing one place for your SIS support resources.

First and foremost, your best resource for helping your schools is the manual that is located in the program files of SIS. It is commonly located here:

C:\program files\sis2k\manual\sis2k611.doc

That file in a currently existing SIS install most likely has the original manual file. I have just slaved over the process of updating the SIS manual to reflect the current burn/version of 6.11. The burn folder for this version, which includes the updated manual can be downloaded by clicking here. For creating SIS for a Mac, click here. You no longer need a Mac machine to burn a Mac SIS CD.

For the updated manual only, click here.

The SIS manual goes through just about everything a school would want to use SIS to do. Make sure you show your school where it is, perhaps print it out and take them a copy when you deliver your CD to them so they have it in their hands right away.

For instructions on how to install and sync with a Palm, click here.

Now, there are a couple of tips I’d like to share about SIS.

First, when you open SIS after an install, you will be asked if you want to search for updates. PLEASE SELECT NO! After that, you will be asked if you would like to check for updates in the future and how often. You need to select NEVER. This is a function that is no longer available. We will send out notification when a new version is available and you will be able to distribute it at that time to your customers.

Second, our most common calls regarding SIS are when a school gets the message “SIS is Already Running.” For solutions to solving this, click here.  This happens due to database corruption.  A database can get corrupted when SIS is shut down expectantly.  For example, turning off the computer while the program is still working, or just clicking on the X to get out of the program while it is indexing or searching.

My final tip for SIS is regarding the date stamps. When creating your exports for your customers, make sure you keep a list of EXACTLY how you type in their school name and your company name (including capitalization and punctuation). If you give them a new date stamp at a later date and those two are not exact, they will get an error that the software has been tampered with.

Hopefully, this gives you a “one stop” for your SIS support resources. Of course, we are always available for live tech support if you still need it.


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