Split Packages and 2 GS Backgrounds

We often get calls here at tech support asking how we handle divorced parent orders or green screen orders where they want 2 packages with 2 different backgrounds.  These are called split packages.

When working with a non-green screen job, the process is as simple as clicking on the blue bar below the data record for the student, then selecting “Copy Record.”  Next, click on the blue bar again and select “Copy Image.”  This creates two data records that will reference the same image.  A green box will appear that encompasses both the records.  This merely indicates that you have a pair of images and data that were created using the copying method.  You can now enter separate package order information for the two separate records and they will print as separate orders.

When working with Green Screen, you will need to first go to File>Preferences and click on the Image Match tab.  Close to the bottom, you will need to click the box next to “Duplicate image on copy record” to make sure there is a checkmark in that box.  What this does is create an actual digital copy of the image in the image directory that is named the same as the orginal, except it adds an “a” just before the “.jpg” in the new image name.  Now, go and click the blue bar beneath the record and select “Copy Record,” then click again and select “Copy Image.”  You can now enter your package information for the two files and select a different background option for each one.  If there is a third background desired, then use the copying routine on the SECOND image so that the third image that is created has a jpg number that adds a “aa” before the .jpg.

To download a step-by-step  guide for the above procedure, click here.

What about Pro Services?  If you are wanting to print a custom package label out of ProServices, or you need to create separate services for the split packages, make sure you go into your service in Pro Services, and click on File>Preferences, then click on the “General” tab.  Near the top of the tab, you will see an option that reads “Print Split Packages.”  Make sure you have a check mark in the box next to that to enable printing separate service items for your split packages.  Seeing double when you dont’ want to in PS?  Then deselect that option before printing.

One last thought on this process is that we have discovered that you MUST select “copy record” first, then “copy image.”  Doing so creates a consistent workflow that keeps your data and images sequenced.


One Response to Split Packages and 2 GS Backgrounds

  1. george Katchak says:

    What about the export failure we had using this system in the fall.


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