Setting Up ImageMatch™ for Group or Class Photos

Class photos, Memory Mates, Team pictures, Trading cards, and other digital service items use photos where there is a group of students or athletes from a single class or team in one photo that you want to link to the individuals to create and print those services. By using ImageMatch™ and ProServices™ you can set up your jobs to automate the process of associating the individuals with their group photo and print service items either through ProServices™ or Riplynx™.

The key to making sure it all runs smoothly is making sure you have set up your data correctly. The fields to focus on are the fields that you will be using to match the individuals with the group photo. For sports, these are typically the teamname field and the coach field. For school pictures, it is usually teacher and grade or homeroom. Ensure that you are entering the appropriate data into those fields using identical punctuation, capitalization and spacing. For example, Mrs. Smith in the teacher field for both the class photo and the student’s photos, not Mrs. Smith in one and Ms smith for another. The same goes for a secondary field you want to use for associating unique group photos with the individuals (ie, grade would need to be “6” in both records, not “6” and “6th”).

The other key point to remember is making sure you have entered data into the criteria field for your group photos so that he software knows they are the group photos. In the instructions, we recommend a “G” in the criteria field. This can be done at time of photography if you are using CamLynx®, or after you bring the job into ImageMatch™.

For a complete document that will guide you through setting up your job in ImageMatch™ for Group Photos, click here: Setting Up Your Job for Group Photos
The downloadable instructions assume you know how to set up a digital service for a Memory Mate or Class Photo in ProServices™, but should you need assistance, we are always happy to help!


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