Using the Web to Promote Your Business

As a business geared toward photographing students, it’s important that you as a photographer keep up with the current trends of communication.  Things have changed rapidly over the last couple of years…

U.S. Post Office – OUT!
LandLine Phone – OUT!
Email – OUT!

Texting – IN!
Facebook – IN!
Twitter – IN!

One of our customers makes it a point to gather cell phone numbers from students when they sign up for senior portaits.  He has them sign a waiver, as they fill out their registration forms giving them permission to send out reminder text messages.  He then sends out an occasionaly text, reminding them of things, such as their portrait appointment, proof reminders, specials, etc.

Facebook has turned into ‘all the rage’, students don’t email any longer… it takes too long!  They message each other through services such as Facebook or MySpace.  With Facebook, you can import a list of email addresses.  Facebook will look up to see who is already a member and ask them to be your ‘friend’.  Once accepted as a friend, you now have an open door to send out communications, through a method that a student is already connected to.  Check out our Facebook page here!

Twitter is another great source of communitcation.  Twitter is so simple, it took me a while to understand it.  Sending out a message through twitter is is called “tweeting”.  Tweeting is similar to text messaging, you are limited to 140 characters.  This forces a user to be precise in their communcations.  The message goes out to the “world” and anyone can read it.   With this, it becomes a ‘Micro blog’ that anyone can see.  Users follow each people on twitter to see what others are tweeting about.  To get followers, use your website, facebook, text messaging, and your printed literature to advertise your twitter URL.  To follow PhotoLynx, goto!


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