Keep Up With The ‘Inside Scoop’ of Your School Accounts

Use the Internet to help you keep up with what is going on with your schools.  The information can be useful for conversation starters with your school contacts or may even give you a scoop about something more significant.  You might learn about something your competitor did wrong or that one of your accounts is accepting bids, when you think you already have it ‘in the bag’.

I am using a new service by Google, called “Google Alerts“.   I set up search words that Google will monitor.  Google will then send me an email as often as I want with the latest information about my search.  It looks through new posts to news stories, blogs, the web, videos, and newsgroups.

I have search words such as “PhotoLynx”, “CamLynx”, & “School Days”.  So every time someone posts a comment about our software online to a blog, forum, or newsgroup, I receive an email about if from Google.  I can then follow up with the post to see what we can do to assist with what was posted.  I also have generic entries, such as “school photography”, “school photo software”, etc.  Thus helps me see more general posts about the industry.  I even have all of our competitor’s names being searched for also.

As a school photographer, you can enter in the names of your schools, the names of your competitors, and even the names of your school contacts to get current information about all of the things you are interested in.  This information can be used to your advantage to get a ‘insider’s’ headstart.

Another great search tool is Tweetdeck.  Use this tool to search Twitter in real time for tweets about key words that interest you.  You can then react to the comments as necessary, in real time or use the information for later as a conversation starter.


2 Responses to Keep Up With The ‘Inside Scoop’ of Your School Accounts

  1. Lifetouch buys Bryn Alan. Blogging about it draws inside scoop from former BA employees…

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