School Account Cost Caculator

Here’s a quick way to figure out approximately how much you will make at any given elementary school.

Number of Students x $6.35 – Your costs including labor & Materials for packages to take the pictures.
Commission & Services – Add this to your cost of taking the pictures.  Services include, CDs, ID cards, etc.  Commissions are what ever cash you return to the school.

This will give you your total cost of doing a school grades K-6.

Now take your packages add them all together & divide by the number of packages you are offering and this will give you a rough sales average.  (If you have prior history with underclass use the actual sales averages)

Now goto this site and search for your school:

It will give you an “Economically Challenged” Percentage.  Subtract that number from 100%.  This will give you the percentage of those not “Economically Challenged”.  Multiply that percentage times the enrollment of you school times you order average.  This is how much you will gross.

Subtract the cost from your gross to see your profit before overhead.

1000 Students x $6.35 = $6,350 costs
1000 ID cards x $1.00 = $1,000 costs
Total Costs = $7,350 just to shoot the school

Order Average = $31.00
Economic Factor = 100%-48% = 52%
52%x1000x$31.00 = 16,120

-$  7,350

Total Profit before service costs= $8,770

If this doesn’t make sense to you, if you want to email me your school’s name and the average of the packages you order, I can do the math for you and give you a rough idea of your sales vs costs.

Someday, I plan on making this a caculator online that will do the math for you…


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