Ready??? Say “Fuzzy Pickles”!

“Say Cheese” is so boring…kids just roll their eyes and look at you as a cornball when you ask them to say “Cheese”.  I started using “Fuzzy Pickles” many years ago, probably since the late 80’s.  I learned it from a photographer I was training from the east coast.  I don’t hear it used very often here in California, which makes me wonder if it’s an east coast thing.  Even today, “Fuzzy Pickles” brings on a smile for nearly everyone I photograph, during the rare occasion that I pick up a camera any more.  I even went to a Christmas party a few years ago, where they gave out the “Fuzzy Pickle” awards for just being good hard workers.

When I photographed seniors, there was always more than one pose, so I had to come up with a new word to make them smile.  I used “money”, “yes”, and even “cheese”, but nothing would make them smile like “Fuzzy Pickles”.

Ness From EarthBound

Ness From EarthBound



“Fuzzy Pickles” has taken on a cult like status amongst gamers.  The Super Nintendo game ‘Earthbound‘ has a photographer in it that says ‘Ready?  Say Fuzzy Pickles!”


What words do you use to get the people you photograph to smile?  Leave me a comment and let me know!




Earn $1000 An Hour Doing School Photography

$1000 An Hour Doing School Photography!

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bon-family-blowoutby-donnyoutlookThis site goes right along with the entry I posted last week week called Sexy People.

This time it is Awkward Family Photos.

How fun!

File Naming 101

I found this great article about naming your image files.  PWD Labs was kind enough to allow me to link to it here.  Please go and check it out!

News Release

For Additional Information Contact: For Immediate Release
Paul Schulz

PhotoLynx, Inc. Announces the Release of and Online Proofing Systems

San Diego, CA – May 20, 2009 – Building upon its leading volume package digital imaging software suite, PhotoLynx, Inc. announces the release of and, software that makes possible quick, accurate and inexpensive data and image validation.

Tim McCain, Sr. Vice Pres. of PhotoLynx, Inc. says, “For years school and sports photographers and digital imaging labs have been faced with the challenge of verifying names and images on class composites and other service items such as ID cards, principal pages, yearbook CDs and the many other products needed in the volume package market.  Now, with and, the verification process can be much quicker, more accurate and less costly while at the same time reducing turnaround time. and, also, make significant contributions to the green cause by reducing hardcopy prints and shipping.”

The photographer or digital imaging lab uploads the images and data to the secure or website where authorized individuals from the respective group, the school or league, access the information and make needed changes and corrections.  Once completed, the information is downloaded to the original database and the changes and corrections are automatically made and production can continue with updated accurate data associated with each image.

Additional information and a demonstration can be obtained by contacting Tim McCain, or Paul Schulz,

PhotoLynx, Inc. is a privately owned California corporation founded in 1988.  PhotoLynx, Inc. specializes in writing and supporting digital imaging software for the volume package photography market; school, sports & dances.
In addition to the professions’ leading digital imaging software, PhotoLynx, Inc. also works with individual companies to produce custom needed software.
PhotoLynx, Inc. is located in Santa Ysabel, CA.

PMA 2010 Dates & Locations Announced

“The Ultimate Event for Everything Photo”

Exhibits: February 21-2 • Conferences: February 19-23
PSPA:  February 20-22, 2010
Anaheim Convention Center, Southern California, USA

For more details click here.

Strawbridge Studios Documentary

I thought this was really cool! It has shots of ImageMatch throughout it.

This is an 8-minute sample of a full documentary about a remarkable family and their historical, groundbreaking company. Strawbridge Studios was started by a sharecropper and his wife in the basement of their home, and has grown to become one of the largest and most respected school photography companies in the world. Produced by Allan Horowitz of the award winning Blue Planet Creative, Inc., this “Living History” tells the story of the Strawbridge family and the company they built, through the words of family, friends, employees and customers.

Sexy People

This is a fun site of mostly School Portraits taken throughout the 60’s-90’s. You can select by era or country.

See if you can find the freaky image someone animated that was taken by Olan Mills in the 80’s…


Did you know that .com is not the only domain you can use in naming your website?  If you wanted to name your site with a single word, like Photo, Photographer, or Picture, you are going to be out of luck.  According to Wired Magazine, of 25,500 standard dictionary words only 1,760 are still free to use.  The ones that are left aren’t very good ones.

There are so many cool domains, other than .com out there.  Most of us have heard of .net, .org, and .edu.  But have you heard of .me?

Check out my web site (Yeah, I’m a big Cheap Trick fan).  Note, the .me domain…

Some other cool domains are .co, .be, .ca, .hr, .cu, .do, .gu, .is, .id, .my, .fm, .ms, .no, .pa, .so, .sd., .bs, ky., .tn,. tv, .us, .yu.

You don’t even have to be very creative to use some of these if you can find a domain that is an abbreviation for your state.  Here are some examples: (I didn’t check to see if they were taken).

You could be really creative and use them as part of your domain name:

Here is a list of different domain possibilities.  Getting a domain name is real easy and generally pretty cheap.  For around $20.00 a year you can own your own piece of web real estate.  Some of the top registrants include Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and  Another player, that pushes no confusing advertising as you register your domain and offers free email and website hosting is Google.

Whatever you do, stay away from .tv…  The island of Tuvalu, which the domain represents is sinking into the ocean.

Now that you have a creative domain name figured out, stay tuned for inexpensive methods for creating your own website.