Windows 7 Is Here!

Well, it’s almost here… Microsoft released the release candidate for Windows 7 on Tuesday of last week.  Anyone can download it for free and it will be good to run for over a year.  It won’t expire until July of 2010!  I have had the beta release of Windows 7 on my computer since October and I am just loving it!  It is a vast improvement in speed and has a more solid feel than Vista.

Microsoft has not announced when the final version of Windows 7 will be available for sale, but they have said it will be in 2009.  Most people are guessing the release will be as early as August to be in time for the back to school computer sales.  If you were planning on buying a new computer, it might be worth while to hold off and see when Windows 7 is going to be released.   That choice is yours to make.  Getting software up and working just before the school season, isn’t always the best idea if you are planning on using that new computer for producing or photographing school photographs.

There is something really cool included with Windows 7 that I am very excited about.  With it, they are including an ‘XP Mode’.  This means that you can be running a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows 7, but run Windows XP virtually from within Windows 7.  A licensed copy of the Windows XP operating system is included within Windows 7.  Microsoft is doing this to encourage businesses which are running legacy software that only works on Windows XP to go ahead and upgrade to Windows 7.  Once the Windows XP mode is set up inside of Windows 7, any application set to run in XP mode will run seamlessly inside of Windows 7.

Although we are continuously updating and adding features to our software, there are some parts of it that is not allowing it to work properly on a 64 bit version of Vista.  With the Windows XP mode built into Windows 7 it will resolve any such issues for us.


3 Responses to Windows 7 Is Here!

  1. Ryan says:

    XP mode sounds great but will it enable us to still somehow use the benefits of X64 like more ram and cpu power?

  2. techwoo says:

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