Did you know that .com is not the only domain you can use in naming your website?  If you wanted to name your site with a single word, like Photo, Photographer, or Picture, you are going to be out of luck.  According to Wired Magazine, of 25,500 standard dictionary words only 1,760 are still free to use.  The ones that are left aren’t very good ones.

There are so many cool domains, other than .com out there.  Most of us have heard of .net, .org, and .edu.  But have you heard of .me?

Check out my web site IwantU2want.me (Yeah, I’m a big Cheap Trick fan).  Note, the .me domain…

Some other cool domains are .co, .be, .ca, .hr, .cu, .do, .gu, .is, .id, .my, .fm, .ms, .no, .pa, .so, .sd., .bs, ky., .tn,. tv, .us, .yu.

You don’t even have to be very creative to use some of these if you can find a domain that is an abbreviation for your state.  Here are some examples: (I didn’t check to see if they were taken).

PhotoLynxof SanDiego.sd

You could be really creative and use them as part of your domain name:

Here is a list of different domain possibilities.  Getting a domain name is real easy and generally pretty cheap.  For around $20.00 a year you can own your own piece of web real estate.  Some of the top registrants include Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and Register.com.  Another player, that pushes no confusing advertising as you register your domain and offers free email and website hosting is Google.

Whatever you do, stay away from .tv…  The island of Tuvalu, which the domain represents is sinking into the ocean.

Now that you have a creative domain name figured out, stay tuned for inexpensive methods for creating your own website.


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