Ready??? Say “Fuzzy Pickles”!

“Say Cheese” is so boring…kids just roll their eyes and look at you as a cornball when you ask them to say “Cheese”.  I started using “Fuzzy Pickles” many years ago, probably since the late 80’s.  I learned it from a photographer I was training from the east coast.  I don’t hear it used very often here in California, which makes me wonder if it’s an east coast thing.  Even today, “Fuzzy Pickles” brings on a smile for nearly everyone I photograph, during the rare occasion that I pick up a camera any more.  I even went to a Christmas party a few years ago, where they gave out the “Fuzzy Pickle” awards for just being good hard workers.

When I photographed seniors, there was always more than one pose, so I had to come up with a new word to make them smile.  I used “money”, “yes”, and even “cheese”, but nothing would make them smile like “Fuzzy Pickles”.

Ness From EarthBound

Ness From EarthBound



“Fuzzy Pickles” has taken on a cult like status amongst gamers.  The Super Nintendo game ‘Earthbound‘ has a photographer in it that says ‘Ready?  Say Fuzzy Pickles!”


What words do you use to get the people you photograph to smile?  Leave me a comment and let me know!




4 Responses to Ready??? Say “Fuzzy Pickles”!

  1. cliff smith says:

    I’ve been saying “Fuzzy Pickles” since the early 70’s! I thought I coined that phrase!! ….yes, works better than “cheeeeze”

    • ally torma says:

      hey i thought of that cuzz my friend told me that 1 of her photographers said “say fuzzy pickles”i started craking up then we made up a song for someones b-day it goes like this…HAPPY FUZZY PICKLES 2 U U LIVE IN A PICKLE ZOO U LOOK LIKE A HAIRY PICKLE AND U SMELL LIKE 1 2!!!!

  2. richbanick says:

    My usual words are:

    “Fuzzy Bunny”



    “Trains” (works for little boys)


  3. hector le trop fort says:

    I started sayins Fuzzy Pickles since I played Earthbound

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