Smart Parking Garage

This post is totally out of the blue. It has nothing to do with PhotoLynx or photography.  I just thought this was really cool. 

They just expanded the mall near where I live.  Because they took up part of the parking lot for the expansion, they built two parking garages.  The parking garage is a ‘smart’ garage.  There are signs at the entrances of the garages and out on the main throughway indicating how many parking spots are available and which floor they can be found.

I have no idea how they can sense when someone is occupying a parking space.


4 Responses to Smart Parking Garage

  1. Ipod says:

    Thank for this ,I think it best and i will get idea.Your website is look good design.

  2. Too cool!!! I needed one of these a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to find a parking spot in a local parking garage. Would have samed a lot of time and aggravation.

  3. Armando says:

    I don’t think it works at all. They’ve had that system in the irvine spectrum in orange county, ca and every time the bottom floor says full I always find parking. More than five atleast. Never could figure out how it knows when i car from a certain floor leaves and not from the parking lot in-general.

  4. gabriella says:

    do you know what that type of structure is called?

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