‘Netbooks’ for CamLynx

The miniature laptop or notebook computer called by most of the industry as ‘netbooks‘ has quickly become the number one computer of choice for new computer purchases.  This is largely due to the inexpensive price (avg $350 for a netbook vs $600 for a notebook) and because in many cases a netbook is people’s 2nd or 3rd computers and they don’t need everything a full size laptop offers.

Because netbooks are small and inexpensive, they are ideal computer to run CamLynx on.  Unfortunately, most netbooks have a maximum screen resolution of 1024×600, whereas CamLynx requires 1024×768.  When CamLynx runs on a 1024×600 monitor, the bottom portion of the screen gets cut off, making it difficult to use for searching for students.

The key to using CamLynx on a netbook is finding one capable of displaying at least a 1024×768.

Here are a couple netbooks that support 1024×768:

HP 2133 Mini-Note
Tiger Direct has a great deal on this one for $299.99

Dell Inspiron Mini 10.    (Not the Mini 10v) You must choose the HD Widescreen (1366×768) screen upgrade for an additional $35.00.

CamLynx is more of a database, than a image rendering software.  So the Atom processor isn’t really a problem here.  CamLynx essentially just moves images from folder to folder and writes data into a database.  You may see a performance hit if you are rendering for proofs or ID cards and printing them on the spot.  But even then, it will be negligible.

I must write a disclaimer:  I haven’t personally CamLynx on any of the two computers I recommend here.  The computers exceed our minimal specs to run CamLynx.   I have worked with happy CamLynx users who have netbooks (but not neccesarily the ones I recommend here).  Always test hardware for PhotoLynx software compatibilty before purchasing in bulk.


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