Windows 7 RC Download Deadline August 20, 2009

From Microsoft:

Windows 7 Release Candidate
Notice: Downloads will end August 20

Thanks for all your help building Windows 7. We are on our way to the last big milestone: Release to Manufacturing. Starting on October 22, you’ll see it on PCs and store shelves. As we gear up for that, it’s time to wind down the Release Candidate testing program.

If you or a friend needs a download, you’ve got time. We’ll continue to offer the RC download until August 20, 2009. After that, you won’t be able to get the download, but if you have the bits, you can still install the RC and get a key if you need one. (To get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.)

Tell us what you think. If you’re using the Windows 7 Release Candidate, we hope you like what you see. Let us know — go to and tell us what you think. You’ll be able to give feedback on various aspects of the operating system.

Got the RC and need help? Experts on the Windows 7 Forum can help answer your questions. The forum also gives you a way to share what you’ve learned with other people.

Essential resources

The Installation Instructions give you the info you need to get started.
To get more information about Windows 7, such as feature descriptions, visit the Windows 7 website.
Looking for technical help or information? Here are a few sources:
The Windows 7 online forums are a great place to start.
You can keep up to date on news about Windows 7 on the team blog.
To get more general information on Windows, make sure you’re subscribed to the Exploring Windows newsletter.

Thanks again for your investment in Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Team

3 Responses to Windows 7 RC Download Deadline August 20, 2009

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  2. @hmad says:

    it’s say that there will be no IE on their release in europe

    • Actually, the “E” edition being released in Europe is going to include the browser of your choice. It will be kind of like back when Microsoft first started placing MSN on the desktop, but later had to place AOL, Earthlink and others on your desktop in Windows 98. When installing the “E” edition, the user will be polled for which browser(s) they want to install.

      This whole thing started with Opera complaining that Microsoft had a monopoly by automatically defaulting to “Explorer” as the browser of choice. They complained to the E.U. which is forcing Microsoft to remedy this. Originally Microsoft was just not going to install in Browser. However, then how could a user download a browser of your choice without a browser to start with? Opera is the one that demanded that the Poll for the browser selection be placed into the Windows 7 install.

      The whole issue is really pretty mute. This applies only to the boxed version of Windows sold in Europe. 90% of new operating systems are sold with hardware. The hardware manufacturers can install anything they want on the computer along with Windows. There won’t be any major hardware company that doesn’t include Explorer on their installs.

      For more information read this!

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